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“John was absolutely amazing to work with. He was extremely personable and worked very well with our photographers for our wedding. The videos he put together were wonderful and worth every penny. We could not have been more pleased with John’s work!”

Becky Shafer

“The smartest decision we made for Whitney and Scott’s wedding was hiring John Jordan. Even if you need to cut the budget somewhere else, your first investment in your wedding should be reserving John Jordan as your videographer. Thank goodness we listened to our friends who told us that we must have a wedding videographer. We had already contracted with a photographer and a wedding event painter. My daughter, Whitney and I watched a video of a past coworker’s wedding and just loved watching a wedding we didn’t attend. It was just like we were at the wedding. Once we met John, we knew he was the one. He connected with Whitney immediately. He is so real…and an awesome filmmaker. Since the arrival of the CD and even online, I have watched all or some portion of my favorite day ever almost every day. People would tell me and Whitney that the day will go so fast and you will forget so much… they were so right. John captured moments that I had forgotten but even better moments that I was not present for. With the all-day selection, I have the opportunity to relive and see just about every moment of the wedding …from so many perspectives. If I need a boost to my day, I just go online to John’s site and watch a few minutes of this wonderful event. We have shown this film to our friends who were with us throughout the event and those who couldn’t make it and they all describe it as the best wedding ever and John captured all of the wonderful memories. To quote a former wedding videographer: “the finest editing job I’ve ever seen!!” Thank you.”

Patrice Steinhart (MOB)

“My husband and I recently hired John Jordan Films to film our wedding ceremony and reception. We have been nothing but thrilled with the quality of service we’ve received from him since day one! John is an incredibly talented videographer who beautifully captured every special moment of our special day. We were very impressed by his strong desire to film as much as he possibly could – he was always right in the center of the action, carefully filming all the day’s events with a big smile on his face. All of our guests could tell John was having as much fun throughout the night as they were! When we received our finished product, both my husband and I were crying tears of joy when we saw how wonderful our film truly was. John did a stellar job capturing the day and understood exactly what we wanted out of our wedding video. We couldn’t be happier!

Tracy Fishbein

“John did a wonderful job with the videography for our wedding. He has a great personality, is very professional and pays attention to the details. He also worked very well with our photographers. Our video is beautiful. I almost can’t watch it because it makes me cry. The footage is expertly edited and set it to the music of our choice and it is truly a work of art. We would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, John for documenting our wedding so beautifully. We will have your art to cherish forever.”

Deema Ismail

“As soon as our wedding was over, my husband Grant and I waited eagerly for our wedding film to arrive from John Jordan. We knew from watching footage of other weddings that we were in for a treat and were not disappointed when it arrived perfectly packaged in a beautiful, personalized DVD case. John was great at keeping us up-to-date during our wait, as well, even emailing us teaser screen grabs of our special day, which I think made us even more excited when it arrived. He was also terrific in helping us pick out the playlist of music to match the footage captured. What a perfect way to relive our wedding day! John and his assistant, Jennifer Pinckney, captured the tiniest details of our wedding that even we had forgotten over the months that followed. And, not to mention, their incredible professionalism and wonderful personalities made them so much fun to work with. I think most people feel uncomfortable watching themselves on video, but this feels completely different. It’s like seeing yourself in a movie, to your favorite soundtrack, that also happens to be real life. We watch our wedding film when we’re feeling blue, when we’re happy or just for kicks. We will always treasure this wonderful work of art and know our future children will have fun watching it, too. Now, if only we had had John Jordan to hang around with us on our honeymoon!! Thank you so much, John. You really know what you’re doing and we wish the best of luck to you in the future!”

Allison & Grant Maloney

“John Jordan and his crew were very energetic and fun!!! And yes, you can have the combination of professionalism and entertainment for your video with this crew. They were at the event early time and did not miss a moment of the entire wedding. John asked what my husband and I wanted and stuck to the plan. My entire family were blown away by the amazing video he constructed. Truly a blessing to have him and his crew apart of our special day!!!”

Rebekah Wright

“We LOVE our wedding video. John was so approachable and so responsive to all of our needs. The day of our wedding, John was so professional and fun to work with. All of our friends in our bridal party agreed that John was so much fun to have around. We have been watching it daily and my parents have been sending the link to pretty much everyone they know. It’s crazy how much you don’t really pay attention to when everything gets a little chaotic on the day of your wedding. You spend so much time planning and the day goes by so quickly that it’s so difficult to really stop and take things in. John, thank you SO much for working so hard and putting that all together and allowing us to remember those details and for the sweet note about our wedding. We were so lucky to have found you and brought you on board. You are immensely talented.”

Erica O'Reilly

“John Jordan is one of the hardest working videographers in the business. He will exceed your expectations, giving you a wedding video that you’ll treasure for years to come. It will be the movie your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren watch to see how “it all started.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll be amazed. You’ll love the film he produces. Hire this man!”

Mitchell Kline

“Worth every penny! I have seriously been watching all of our videos nonstop since we received them! We love them!!!! I even caught my husband rewatching a few of them, too, so I know he loves them just as much. 🙂 What’s great is that we can send these to family/friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and one already responded saying she felt like she had been there, which is exactly what I wanted in a video! Thank you so so so so much, John! We wouldn’t change a thing!”

Ellyse Attinger

“I am the mother of the bride and I would give John Jordan Films a ranking of 5 stars and if there were more stars they would be filled in as well! John is a professional! He knows how to get the right shots for all involved. John went out of his way to get all of our events included in the video including rushing to the golf course when he first arrived before the wedding to get shots of some of the wedding party, family, and friends playing golf the morning of the wedding. John is personable and so easy to work with! Everything was explained up front and we are completely satisfied, pleased, and happy with the wedding video. I never really even noticed that John and his assistant were around us. They blended in with it all and just made my daughter and new son-in-law’s special day an event to remember on the most fantastic wedding DVD ever! Thanks to John Jordan Films the Smith/Maloney family has something to look back on forever! When you consider John Jordan Films you are considering the professionals you need for you special event. Thank you John Jordan and his great assistant!!!”

Mrs. Smith